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Many people currently living off the fat of the land are doomed. Like the condemned enjoying a final peaceful meal, they wait in comfort for a disheartening drop. In the meantime, we manifest a new housing entitlement in the United States; once you sign loan documents and move in, you are entitled to live in comfort indefinitely. The amend-pretend-extend dance will continue until lenders tire of paying the piper. Shadow Inventory contains the new entitlement class; while unemployed renters sleep in shelters, unemployed homeowners squat in luxury, sustain false lives on lender largess, and exalt their status in preparation for the unceremonious fall from entitlement. Today I want to introduce you to the one couple living off lender largess -- and indirectly they're living off…[READ MORE]

Maybe that song should be, "You Don't Mess Around with Ben." Arguably, Ben Bernanke is a powerful man in Washington because decisions he makes have major impact on citizen's lives. His most consequential recent decisions concern the Federal Reserve's program of buying agency debt and what under what circumstances the program would be continued. Analyst: Pressure Will Build on Fed To Extend Mortgage Program By Nick Timiraos With the Federal Reserve set to wind down its purchases of mortgage-backed securities in a little more than 30 days, there’s growing uncertainty about what will happen to mortgage rates. Already, rates bumped up last week after the Fed said it would raise the discount rate by quarter point to 0.75% last Thursday. But the elephant in the room is the…[READ MORE]

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