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Most people purchase real estate in California because they believe they will get rich. Few want to spend money to provide a home for their family as most expect their home to provide money for the family. Houses are the new wage earners, not through rental cashflow but through appreciation. Life doesn't work that way. Real estate can be a profitable cashflow investment, and it can make people rich -- not through speculation on buying and selling, but through owning for positive cashflow. Cash value of real property Establishing the cash value of real property requires an understanding of risk and relative rates of investment return. Today, we will review these basics and apply a little simple math to show how to value real estate based on…[READ MORE]

Borrowers are done paying, and their hanging up on lenders. The lenders are still hesitating, waiting for borrowers to pay. Lenders will wake up one day and start the foreclosure process in earnest. Will it be too late? The Lender Decision Tree When lenders make loans, they far prefer borrowers to repay those loans; in fact, their entire business plan relies on it. As long as borrowers are current with their payments, lenders are happy and making money. When borrowers don't make their payments, the end result is a distressed sale. If there are enough of these, market prices are reduced dramatically which causes significant lender losses. Below is the lender decision tree for delinquent borrowers. Today we will explore this diagram in some…[READ MORE]

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