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Attitudes toward strategic default are changing. Last December I flatly stated, Strategic mortgage default will become common and accepted in 2011. Many of those who chose not to strategically default make this choice because they believe making the payment is a moral obligation -- an obligation above and beyond what is written in the contract. Banks are relying on those borrowers motivated by their perceived morality to keep making payments. Unfortunately, there is no longer a moral stigma associated with strategic default (accelerated default is a more accurate term). Banks need a moral stigma to be associated with loan repayment. If the transaction were viewed by borrowers as a simple business transaction -- which it is -- then issues of…[READ MORE]

Recently I wrote about The real Ponzis and posers of Irvine. Peggy Tanous of the Real Housewives of OC made a conscious decision to get a boob job rather than pay her rent. She is not alone. The plastic surgeon undoubtedly appreciated the money, and any other provider of goods and services that received the Tanous's money did the same. The combined economic stimulus of all the delinquent mortgage squatters is estimated at $50 billion this year alone. Back in June of last year, I reported Strategic Default: The $10,000,000,000 Monthly Economic Stimulus. The case could be made that our HELOC economy based on mortgage equity withdrawal and consumption has been replaced with a squatter rent economy based on people…[READ MORE]

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