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Foreclosure sob stories always seem to lack a few pertinent details explaining exactly how the unfortunate circumstances came to pass. Today's featured article is written by a renting former owner who works at the newspaper. She tries to portray herself as a victim, but in reality, she is only a victim of her own poor decisions. No refuge from the mortgage crisis A homeowner tries to work with bankers to hold on to her modest but beloved house, but her pleas mean little to the number crunchers. By Kathy Gosnell Seiler -- July 24, 2011 From the front door of the house to the back is a straight shot unbroken by walls, handy for pacing, 24 steps each way. It…[READ MORE]

Many people are hunting for houses. Some are looking at the high end, and some are lookiing low. Which is the better way to go? Over the last several weeks, the IHB has been proud to present a series of hedonic house price analyses by Jaysen Gillespie of Global Decision: An accurate view of the Irvine housing market by Global Decision and IHB A detailed look at Irvine Village premiums by Global Decision and IHB The market value of Irvine home features by Global Decision and IHB, and OC Housewife, Ponzi borrower, failed land baron. This week Jaysen has taken on a comparison of the single family market with the condo market in Irvine to see the similarities and differences.…[READ MORE]

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