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When people get greedy or desperate, they sometimes do foolish things. A recent LA Times article detailed the atrocious behavior of two landlords -- a realtor and her husband -- who terrorized tenants to induce them to move out so the landlords could make a quick buck. They cut holes in the floor, destabilized the structure, shut off the power and gas, and anything else they could think of -- all in pursuit of money. The realtors who are the subject of today's featured article were also motivated by money to commit some very foolish acts. They were trying to sell their million dollar house, but their next-door neighbor also decided to sell. They know the buyer pool at those…[READ MORE]

The conventional wisdom is that fence-sitting buyers buy homes in reaction to rising interest rates for fear of being priced out of the housing market. In the past, this has often been the case, mostly because realtors use this scare tactic to generate quick commissions. However, with the credibility of the realtor community at zero, and with so few fence-sitting buyers, the impact will not be to increase buying this time around. I wrote recently that surging mortgage rates may scare sellers into action. This isn't the irrational fear of realtors stoking the market, but a very rational realization that the sellers market can't get any better than it is today, and if sellers don't take advantage now, they may…[READ MORE]

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