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San Diego woman who didn't get her dream home made fake sex ads for new owner's wife telling johns to "force their way in and take me while I say no." Warning! This post has sexual language. If this is potentially offensive, read no further. We've all wanted something badly and didn't get it. Most of us get over it and move on, but some people can't accept being thwarted in their desires and launch into irrational and truly outrageous behavior. A woman in San Diego missed getting what she considered the house of her dreams, a common disappointment. Most people have the wisdom to realize there are many dream homes, and dreams often change, so they get over their…[READ MORE]

People erroneously believe professionals who packaged toxic mortgage-backed securities knew the housing market would crash and profited from bad loans. Matthew 15:14 "Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit." When the housing market collapsed under a pile of toxic mortgage paper, many ordinary people lost money on their investments, their properties declined in value, and many others lost their homes in foreclosure. With all this pain, people want someone to blame -- some nefarious person must have foreseen this disaster and made billions, right? Some did. Did the professionals who packaged toxic loans into mortgage-backed securities knowingly produce garbage merely to profit…[READ MORE]

House prices reached levels of payment affordability relative to rents last seen in the 1990s, with few sub-markets overvalued or undervalued. The last nine months were boring... thankfully. House prices stabilized after the extreme volatility of the last seven years. House prices rose rapidly from March 2012 through June of 2013, then abruptly stopped rising when mortgage interest rates went from 3.5% to 4.5%. House prices moved little since then. The financial media still touts the large year-over-year price gains, but these slowly evaporate because the spring house price rally was called off due to affordability problems. Rental parity establishes the value of residential real estate, both for entire housing markets and individual homes. For each property on the MLS,…[READ MORE]

Many websites now publish lists of convicted sex offenders, a valuable public service. How close are your children to a sex offender? Find out here. As a society, what should we do with dangerous criminals and sex offenders after they serve their sentences? We can't lock them up forever, nor is there a deserted island we can deport them to. We must try to reintegrate them back into society while making sure they don't repeat their heinous crimes, no easy task. As one might expect, nobody wants sex offenders living in their neighborhood. Most people imagine the people on these lists as merciless child predators looking for any opportunity to get at their children; some of them probably are. Perhaps…[READ MORE]

Higher interest rates reduce housing demand by causing mortgage applications to decline, reducing loan balances, harming employment, and suppressing wages. The federal reserve establishes interest rate policy, and for the last six years, the federal reserve held the benchmark federal funds rate to zero to stimulate the economy. Also during the period when interest rates were held at zero percent, the federal reserve applied stimulus through a policy known as quantitative easing, a fancy term for printing money. Quantitative easing and mortgage interest rate stimulus were designed to bail out Wall Street, not benefit Main Street. Last year the federal reserve decided to taper housing market stimulus. Eventually, they will raise the federal funds rate from zero and attempt to…[READ MORE]

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