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Most homeowners regret their purchase because they were pushed by agents to buy more home than they could afford without enough research. Buyer's remorse is common, but it's more common in real estate transactions than in other kinds of purchases largely because the agent's people rely on don't represent them very well. Homeowners often realize later they bought the wrong house in the wrong neighborhood because they didn't do the proper research, and their agent pushed them into a quick sale in order to generate a commission with minimal work. One of the main purposes of my writing and the tools on this site is to eliminate buyer's remorse. I believe that if buyers are given accurate data they will…[READ MORE]

The so-called housing recovery milestones include 6-year sales lows, 19-year purchase application lows, and 19-year home ownership rate lows. Recovery? Doesn't the word recovery imply improvement? When people recover from illness, their health improves; shouldn't a housing recovery show improvement in multiple areas, not just price? So far, price is the only indicator of improvement, assuming high prices are better than affordable prices, of course. What does it mean to be bullish on housing? I believe the lender manipulations are going to succeed, and house prices will likely continue to trend higher on very low volume by historic standards. Since I believe prices will continue to move higher, am I bullish? I also believe house sales volumes will remain well…[READ MORE]

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