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NAr revises previously reported data by 25% to 30% but claims their analysis based on faulty data was still good. They have no shame. I write a monthly housing market report each month, so I understand the need to provide timely and accurate data and reporting. It's a big task, and it requires attention to detail, but beyond that, reporting data accurately requires the desire to do so, something the NAr completely lacks. The National Association of realtors is dedicated to advancing the interests of listing agents who dominate the organization. Their primary focus is to generate real estate sales and commissions that provide income for its members. realtors don't care if the data their organization publishes is accurate; their…[READ MORE]

Progressives like Keynesian monetary policy and inflation in general because it's a stealth tax on the rich, Conservatives oppose it for the same reason. An acquaintance of mine challenged me to read Paul Krugman's blog for a few weeks; in exchange he would read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. As I like exposing myself to other points of view, I started reading Krugman's work. As an objective reader searching for good data and analysis, I appreciate Paul Krugman's wonkish posts, but his over-the-top partisanship, juvenile name-calling, and extreme arrogance make his writings a turn off to anyone who's not a partisan Democrat. I find myself selectively skimming past the partisan bullshit searching for kernels of truth. There’s Something About Money (Implicitly…[READ MORE]

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