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The Dan Hrey Group, the Everyday Luxury Group, and the OC Housing News are teaming up to provide a free real estate seminar on February 4, 2016 at JT Schmids Restaurant in Tustin, CA. IRVINE, Calif., January 31, 2016 – On February 4, 2016, The Dan Hrey Group, the Everyday Luxury Group, and the OC Housing News will present a real estate seminar focused on how to sell real estate for top dollar. The event will be held at JT Schmids at the District in Tustin, CA starting at 5:30 PM. Appetizers and drinks will be served. Speakers will start at 6:00. The event is hosted by author and famed blog writer Larry Roberts and one of the nation's top…[READ MORE]

A majority of Americans hold a healthy disdain for consumer debt, but most carry debt anyway. When you see an American Express Card commercial, do you see a sophisticated financial manager or an irresponsible spendthrift? The credit card companies want you to see a savvy money manager who wisely uses their products. But is it wise to use a costly product you don't really need? In a world without consumer credit, people would save money, and they would only spend what they had available. People would store their unspent earnings in banks who could loan that money to businesses that produce goods and services that benefit the economy. These savers would also earn money on their savings as lenders competed…[READ MORE]

After enduring 10 years of excessive mortgage debt service, many people downsize when prices rise high enough for them to sell. Most people visualize the housing ladder as a steady upward progression from starter home to Mansion by the beach, but that's seldom the reality. Many people buy entry-level housing, and when prices rise high enough for them to sell and have 20% down for a larger property, the participate in the move-up market. If their income grew while they lived in their entry-level home, the step up can be quite luxurious. If their income didn't go up much, they are probably better off refinancing into a lower-cost mortgage and staying put. The housing bubble severely disrupted the housing market.…[READ MORE]

Lower house prices due to higher mortgage rates still result in a higher cost of home ownership. Everyone shopping for a home wants to see lower prices. For most products, paying less for it means the buyer has more money available to purchase other goods and services, but with houses this isn't necessarily the case. Most people borrow money to buy a house -- a great deal of money, often 80% to 96.5% of the purchase price. In fact, the cost of borrowing money is largely what determines how much someone can borrow and thereby bid to buy a house. (See: Your neighbor’s debt creates your home equity) When mortgage rates go up, the cost of borrowing will increase, and…[READ MORE]

Without rational pessimism, people are susceptible to foolish optimism that fuels financial manias. Optimists are happier than pessimists. If you spend your life seeing the good in people, situations, and outcomes, you live in an inner world of bliss, contentment, and exciting possibilities. If you spend your life looking for brown, you find brown, and you will think people, situations and outcomes are shitty. It's a simple truth that skeptics and pessimists ignore as they console themselves with seeing what they believe is a more accurate picture of reality. It's not. Pessimists are better investors than optimists. Optimists ignore warning signs in favor of Pollyanna outlooks. They scour financial media reports looking for confirmation of their pre-existing biases, and they…[READ MORE]

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