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5 Signs Your Exterior Waterproofing Is Failing And It Is Time To Have It Replaced And Upgraded

Failure of exterior waterproofing can cause structural damage and water problems in your home. It is important for you to know how to identify these problems and have them repaired when needed. The following signs of exterior waterproofing failure mean that it is time to update the waterproofing that protects your home from water and moisture.

Obvious Moisture Problems And Water Damage In Your Home Or Beneath The Foundation

If there are problems with moisture in your home, this may be due to failing exterior waterproofing. The moisture and water problems that occur in areas like basements and low-lying areas of your home are often due to static water pressure causing water and moisture to seep through foundation walls. These problems may require foundation repairs and upgrades to the exterior waterproofing systems around your home.

Smell Of Musty Odors In Basements, Crawl Spaces, And Other Foundation Areas

Sometimes, there are musty smells that can be a sign that there is a problem with exterior waterproofing. These smells may only be strong in areas like basements and crawl spaces when the problems start, but they can eventually cause odors throughout your home. If you smell musty humidity in certain areas of your home and the problems seem to be getting worse, it could be due to failing waterproofing on the exterior of your home.

Peeling, Cracking, and Blistering Of The Seal Coating Above The Soil Elevation At Your Home's Foundation

There are also obvious visible signs that your exterior waterproofing is failing and repairs are going to be needed. If you look around the exterior of your foundation, you will often be able to see where waterproofing extends above the soil elevations. If you see that the seal coating materials are peeling, cracking, or blistering, this is a problem that will often require repairs and upgrades to your home's waterproofing systems.

Problems With Drainage And Puddling In Your Landscaping That Seems To Continue To Get Worse

Sometimes, the waterproofing problems can be visible at the drainage of the foundation and landscaping. If you notice that storm drains are beginning to back up and puddling in your landscaping seems to be getting worse, this could be a serious problem. This could be due to problems with the foundation drainage system and exterior waterproofing that need repairs.

Foundation Cracks And Structural Damage That Usually Causes Damage To The Waterproofing That Could Also Be The Cause

Structural damage like cracks in the foundation and settling that damage exterior finishes could be a sign of waterproofing failure. Sometimes, the structural damage could be the cause of damage to waterproofing, but old waterproofing that is failing could also be the cause of the structural damage due to static water pressure.

These are some of the signs of exterior waterproofing failure that you will want to look for to ensure you do not have problems. If you are having problems with the waterproofing around your home, contact an exterior waterproofing service for help with the repairs and upgrades that need to be done.