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Thinking About Getting a Concrete Driveway? 3 Things to Know

If you are planning to install a new driveway, there are numerous options that you may be considering. For many homeowners, concrete is the material of choice for their driveways. There are various benefits of going with concrete over other driveway materials. Concrete is an attractive material that stands up to regular wear and tear. If you are looking into adding a concrete driveway to your property, here are three things that you need to know. 

They Are Long-Lasting

The first thing that you should know is that when you install a concrete driveway, it will likely be there for a long time. Concrete driveways remain usable for anywhere from 25 to 50 years. The better the installation, the longer your new driveway will likely last. This is why it's a good idea to hire professional contractors instead of installing your concrete driveway on your own. A professional crew will build a new driveway that will stand up to the test of time, and that will do the job for decades. 

Maintenance Is Easy

Another benefit of concrete driveways is that they require very little maintenance. The main things that you need to do to maintain your concrete driveway are to keep it clean and apply a concrete sealer every few years. Applying a concrete sealer will extend the life of your driveway and keep it looking great. Another thing to note is that while concrete is incredibly durable, it can crack and chip. You will want to repair any cracks as chips as soon as possible to prevent them from growing larger. You will also want to avoid any activities on your concrete driveway that may lead to damage. 

How Much They Cost

It's wise to consider the cost. A simple concrete slab for your driveway will end up costing less than dyed or stamped concrete. The cost of concrete driveway services can range anywhere from $4 to $15 per square foot. Additional features, like heated coils, borders, and excavation, can add to the total costs. Your contractor will give you an estimate of how much your driveway will cost before work begins.

If you are looking into a concrete driveway, there are a few things to keep in mind. They can last for decades, so make sure it's the suitable driveway material for your home. Maintaining concrete is also easy. All you need to do is clean your driveway and keep it sealed. Finally, the cost is another thing to keep in mind. How much your driveway costs will depend on the design and whether you add extra elements to the driveway.