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4 Factors That Determine Chimney Repair Costs

Your chimney plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable, especially in the cold winter. Much of the activity happens between the fireplace and the chimney. It's important to get chimney repair services whenever you suspect issues with critical parts that make up your chimney. 

As a homeowner, you need to keep tabs on chimney problems that need you to call a contractor. Chimneys are masonry works, and you must contact chimney repair professionals when you notice signs that spell trouble. Equally, you must know the costs of a chimney repair. It's essential to get professionals who can inspect the chimney and give you a realistic estimate. Here are factors that determine the cost of a chimney repair. 

Roof Orientation 

The roof in your home affects the costs of chimney repair. If the contractor and their crew have a difficult time accessing the roof, it will add to the costs. If they have to erect scaffolds to facilitate roof access, you can expect to pay more dollars. Steep roofs increase the complexity of such a job. Essentially, the more risks involved, the higher the cost of repairing such a feature on your roof. Additionally, if the contractor bills by the hour, and the steep roof compounds the situation, it will take more time to repair. This significantly inflates your estimate. 

The Magnitude of the Damage 

If you have a large chimney, and most parts are worn and torn extensively, the cost of fixing such damage will go up. You must call a mason or skilled chimney services to inspect the damage before they give an estimate. You should establish and stick to a regular chimney cleaning routine. This way, you'll operate an efficient chimney that doesn't present costly repair problems as the weather changes. Your chimney comprises several parts that require constant touch-ups to retain its structural integrity. 

Materials and Labor Costs 

If your chimney's flue, flashing, or lining requires repairs simultaneously, you'll need to buy different materials. Some parts like the crown and brick joints require immediate repairs to safeguard your home and maintain the structure's efficiency. If you have to buy rare bricks, chimney caps, or crown repair materials, you'll pay more. Equally, the labor needed to fix different issues requires more hands. Eventually, it will lead up to high repair costs. You will pay less if the chimney repair services attend to one problem exclusively. If there are labor-intensive tuck-pointing repairs to fix worn-out brick joints, the contractor may bill you on a square foot basis which translates to a high repair bill.

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