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Pool Deck Repairs And Renovations To Update Outdoor Spaces With A Safer Design

Over the years, your pool deck surfacing can begin to wear. Sometimes, the wear gets so bad that it becomes hazardous damage. You want to have problems with the pool deck surface repaired to ensure your outdoor oasis is safe during the summer months. The following pool deck repairs and renovations will help you update your outdoor space with a safer design this summer.

Installing Safety Covers for Equipment

There is probably pool equipment that is exposed on the surface of your pool deck. These can be things like skimmers or grommets that hold down pool covers. These installations need to have appropriate safety covers to eliminate hazards that they cause on the surface of your pool deck. These safety features will help prevent falls and foot injuries due to obstacles on the surface of your pool deck. It is important to make sure that anything that is installed on the deck surface has the appropriate safety cover.

Updating the Pool Deck Surfacing

The pool deck surfacing may be old and outdated concrete materials. There are several options to update your deck surfacing when it needs to be repaired. First, consider a pool deck solution that helps keep your pool area comfortable. These materials are more resistant to heat and direct sunlight and cool quickly. There are also options for more slip-resistant porous pool deck surfaces.

Improving Surfaces to Prevent Cracking

One of the problems with pool deck surfacing is that it can be vulnerable to cracking. The best way to prevent cracking and damage is to install expansion joints. These are special joints that separate large sections of the pool deck surface. The separate sections can settle and move independently of each other to ensure natural movement doesn't cause damage like cracking.

Adding Custom Designs to the Pool Deck Surface

There are also various options to give the pool deck surface a custom design. These solutions include stamped designs, tile patterns, and colorful staining. The colors that you add to the deck surface can be natural tones that blend in with stone and materials in landscaping around your pool. There are also options for brighter colors that can be used to create a more custom surface for the design of your pool area.

The pool deck surfacing is important to ensure your outdoor oasis is safe during the summer months. Contact a pool deck maintenance service to get help with the repairs you need to have done.