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The Pros and Cons of Having a Home Custom Built

Having a home custom built for you sounds like perfection, doesn't it? What could be less than perfect about having a home designed and constructed to meet your exact needs and preferences? Indeed, custom-built homes can be wonderful. But as with every endeavor, there are some downsides to consider, too. Take a look at these pros and cons as you consider whether custom building is right for you.


1. You can spend the money where it matters to you. When you custom-build a home, you can spend money on the features that matter to you, and save money on those that don't. For example, if you cook a lot, you can have a lot of upgraded features in the kitchen, but then use base-level materials and finish in your bedroom. If you enjoy spending time in your yard, you can put a lot of money into the landscaping, but save with a simple bathroom design.

2. You won't have to worry about maintenance for a while. In your custom-built home, everything will be new. You won't have to think about maintenance for about 10 years, at least. Everything should work well, including your HVAC system, plumbing, and appliances.

3. You won't have to compete with other buyers. In a seller's market, buying a pre-built home is a competitive endeavor! You might make 10 or more offers before one is accepted! Having a home custom-built allows you to escape this competitive bidding business.


1. You may have to wait a while. Having a home built takes longer than buying a pre-built one. Your builder probably won't be able to start building right away. Most have a wait time of at least a few months. Then, it will take at least another few months to actually build the home. If you want to move in ASAP, then building something is not the way to go.

2. You'll probably spend more. New construction almost always costs more than buying an already-built home. The cost also tends to be less predictable, as the price of building materials does fluctuate a lot. There are ways to cut costs when building, but this may mean you end up with a home that doesn't suit your needs like a custom home really should.

Having a home built is a great option for many people, but it's not for everyone. Work with a custom home builder and take your time to think through this decision before you take the plunge.