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Asphalt Maintenance Services You May Want For Your Grocery Store Parking Lot

Your grocery store parking lot needs regular maintenance for several reasons. An asphalt lot that falls into disrepair makes your company look neglected, and customers may prefer to shop elsewhere. Plus, a lot that's maintained is safer for your customers to use. Here are some asphalt maintenance services that keep your lot in good shape over the years.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Your parking lot may see a lot of litter since people may throw food wrappings and drink containers on the ground. Litter piles up fast if you don't have it removed regularly. Sweeping removes litter and it also removes sand and other small debris that can wear away at the asphalt when cars drive over it.

Line Painting

Keeping lines visible by freshening paint is important for your customers. Lines regulate parking, and that's helpful if your lot is nearly full on busy days. Plus, you can have directional arrows put down to direct the flow of traffic to maintain order and make it easier for people to park. You'll also be required to have lines for ADA parking places, and these need to be easily visible too. The sun and traffic wear away lines, so you'll want to have fresh paint put down when it's needed.

Asphalt Repairs

You may want an asphalt maintenance plan with a maintenance company so your lot is checked regularly for damage. Having repairs done once a year or more often prevents escalating damage to the asphalt. The contractor might need to fill cracks and holes.

Filling holes is important because rain falls in the holes and seeps down to the base where it can cause soil to shift. Plus, holes are hazardous for cars, and people can trip over them.

Drainage Improvement

Standing water is a bad thing for your parking lot. Water can cause potholes to form and cause increasing damage to the asphalt. Standing water is also a hazard for your customers. A sunken part of your lot can cause people to trip or they may step in the water when getting out of their cars. An asphalt contractor can figure out why water is pooling on your parking lot and then find a way to improve the drainage.

Asphalt maintenance that involves repairing cracks and other damage in a timely manner and keeping your parking lot clean keeps your lot from being a safety hazard and helps your parking lot stay attractive for customers. Plus, regular care helps the asphalt have a longer life so you can put off the disruption of getting a new parking lot for as long as possible.

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