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About Impact Window Replacements

Do you have a lot of damaged windows that you have delayed getting repaired for a long time? If so, did you know that by leaving your home windows in a bad condition, it can lead to your house losing energy efficiency? If you don't get the windows fixed, the value of your house could go down as well as lose curb appeal. If you replace the windows, you could actually make the value of your house go up, especially if you get impact windows installed.

Keep reading this article to learn why you should opt for impact window replacements.

Are Impact Windows Easy to Break?

The most desired quality about impact windows is their ability to stay intact during situations in which other windows might shatter. For example, when there are storms that cause debris to fly in the air from strong wind speeds, it can lead to windows getting damaged. However, such storms are not as big of a threat to a home that has impact windows installed, which can save a homeowner money on repairs. Another benefit is that impact windows are also strong enough to make it difficult for burglars to break. Basically, your house will be more secure by installing such windows and your family might feel safer as a result.

Does the Glass Protect Against UV Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun is something that not only people should stay protected from, but also their belongings. When UV light comes through the windows in a house, it can cause a lot of damage to various things. For example, UV light can cause fabric on furniture to fade, as well as art that is hanging on the walls and carpet. With impact windows installed, the glass will add a barrier of protection to prevent UV light from coming through and causing damage to your house. You will also be protected against UV light if you are sitting near a window that has the sun shining through it.

How Does Impact Windows Affect Insurance?

If you get impact windows installed to replace the damaged ones, it can have a positive effect on your insurance premium. After installation, you can let your home insurance provider know that they are installed and they might lower your premium. The reason why is because of the protection that they provide, which makes your house less of a risk for having to file a claim.