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First Time Homeowner's Guide To Well Water Systems: Choosing And Maintaining A Well System For Your Home

If you are a new homeowner, one of the solutions you might need for your home includes a water well system. These are more than a pump and include things like filtration and pressure regulation. Therefore, you need to know what type of equipment is best for the needs of your home and how to maintain it after installation.

Domestic Water Well Pumps

The first part of your well system equipment to consider is the pump. There are several different options for domestic water well pumps. Some of the solutions you might need to consider for your home include centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, and jet-style pumps.

The best pumps for water well systems are submersible designs that are installed inside the casing. This protects them from damage and leaves room on the surface of the well-head for other equipment that needs to be installed.

Control Well System Pressure to Your Home

Depending on the location of the wall and the distance to your home, you might need additional pressure systems. These might be different than the pressure tank that controls the main well pump. The pressure controllers can include reduction valves and systems that ensure the system maintains pressure from the well to your home. When wells or storage tanks are above the elevation of your home, reduction systems are needed to reduce water pressure coming from the well.

Water Filtration For Well Systems

Filtration can be another important component of water well systems that you may need for your home. Today, there are various options for filtration systems, which vary from basic water softeners to complete purification systems. The basic water softeners can use salt or another medium to remove mineral deposits. If there are other water contamination issues with your well, more complex purification systems need to be installed.

Maintaining Well Equipment After Installation

After the well equipment is installed, it also needs to be maintained to ensure everything is working and water is flowing from the casing when you need it. The main maintenance that needs to be done is changing the filtration medium and checking the flow rater from the well casing. You might also need to occasionally have the casing flushed to prevent problems.

When it comes to the water that comes from your well, special systems may need to be installed to filter it and provide pressure. Contact a well water systems installation service to start planning the installation of a new well system for your home.