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Top Reasons Why Professional Chimney Cleaning Is So Important

A fireplace provides the warmth of a burning fire during the winter and can also enhance the overall appearance of a room. But having a home with a fireplace also comes with responsibilities. If your house has a fireplace that you use regularly during the winter months, it is essential to have your chimney cleaned by a professional. Ideally, you should have your chimney cleaned during the spring when you're no longer using the fireplace for fire. Chimney cleaning is not a DIY household task — it should always be done by a professional. Some of the top reasons why professional chimney cleaning is so important include the following. 

Protect Your Home From a House Fire

You can clean the ash out of your fireplace after each use, but with each fire that burns, soot and creosote will build up in your chimney. Many people do not realize that soot and creosote are flammable, so if there is a thick build-up of these compounds in the chimney it is possible for them to be ignited from embers emitting from the fireplace, resulting in an uncontrolled fire in the chimney. These types of fires can spread quite quickly, causing a lot of damage to your home while also putting your household at risk. Having your chimney cleaned by a professional is an easy way to prevent dangerous fires in your chimney. 

Make Your Fireplace Burn More Efficiently

In order for a fire to burn in a fireplace and produce the maximum amount of heat, there needs to be proper airflow. If your chimney is caked in soot and creosote, airflow will be diminished, and your fire won't burn well. A clean chimney will help ensure that each fire that you light in your fireplace burns as efficiently as possible and properly heats the room. This can help you save money on your heating costs since you won't have to turn on your heater or furnace as often. 

Avoid Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Build Up

A fire in your fireplace can be warm and provide comfort, but it is essential for the smoke and different compounds created by the fire to be able to flow swiftly out of your home through the chimney. If you neglect to have your chimney cleaned, the build-up of soot and creosote can prevent the smoke from leaving your house. In this type of situation, the smoke or carbon monoxide will blow into the interior of your home instead, which can be very dangerous.

If it's been some time since you had your fireplace cleaned, reach out to a residential chimney cleaning professional.