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Six Scenarios That Indicate The Need For Roof Leak Repair

The most obvious sign that you need to have roof leak repair done on your home is water leaking into your home's interiors. However, there are some other, less obvious, scenarios indicating a need for roof leak repair that you should know how to identify. 

The following are six scenarios that indicate that you may need roof leak repair. 

You are noticing an unusual musty smell on the interior of your home

Unfortunately, it's possible for water to penetrate your home in an area behind the walls. This could make it so that there is no visible moisture on the interior of your home. However, you may eventually notice an unusual musty odor on your interiors if you are in need of roof leak repair.

It's important to have roof leak repair taken care of quickly if you notice such an odor to minimize water damage in your home. 

Moss, mold, or algae is growing on your roof or ceiling surface.

Another possible sign of a roof leak that needs to be repaired is the growth of moss, mold, or algae on either your roof or ceiling. Such growth is an indication of excessive moisture on your roof that could be seeping beneath the roof surface and penetrating your interiors. 

You notice roof debris accumulating in your gutters.

Roof leaks often begin because the roof itself is getting old and starting to break down. Your roof is most likely becoming more prone to leaks if it is breaking down and debris from the roof is accumulating in your gutters.

You might want to have your roof repair service inspect your roof and check for possible leaks if you notice roof debris in your gutters. 

You notice shingles that are missing from your roof.

You may need roof leak repair if you notice that shingles are missing from your roof. Although the flashing beneath shingles is designed to keep water out of a home, missing shingles sometimes allow water through so that roof leak repair is needed. 

You notice shingles that look cracked.

As a shingle roof ages, shingles can develop damage such as cracks. Cracked shingles may allow water to penetrate a home.

You notice shingles that are buckling up from the surface of your roof.

Another scenario regarding roof shingles that could indicate a leak is shingles that have buckled up from the roof surface. When this happens, it's possible that precipitation can be blown up underneath the buckled shingle so that it leaks down into a home's interior. 

If you notice any of these signs, reach out to a local roof repair service to have your roof fixed.