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Six Mistakes To Avoid When Using Ready Mix Concrete On Your Construction Site

Ready mix concrete is an essential building supply for many construction projects. If you need to use ready mix concrete, it's important to avoid some common mistakes that could unnecessarily push up supply costs or slow down progress on your construction projects.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when using ready mix concrete on your construction site. 

Preparing your concrete before you've prepared the area where you'll spread the concrete

You need to make sure your worksite is ready for concrete pouring before you start mixing your ready mix concrete. You don't want your concrete to start drying before you've been able to pour it. That's why site preparation is one of the most essential concerns when you're using ready mix concrete. 

Mixing concrete without taking measurements

It's important to measure the dimensions of the concrete forms you need to fill. If you start mixing without measuring and being precise about how much ready mix concrete you need, you could end up wasting some of your valuable building supplies.

It can be difficult to find a way to dispose of mixed concrete that you don't end up using, That's why it's always important to take measurements and put thought into precisely how much concrete you'll need. 

Being unaware of the benefits of additives

You want to find the best ready mix concrete for your application. That's why you should consider the benefits of various additives you could use in your concrete. Additives can provide numerous benefits such as improving concrete appearance. 

Do your research on additive options to find the best concrete mixture for your particular building project. 

Using the surface too soon

Remember that a concrete surface needs time to cure before it can be used. You need to be aware of exactly how much time your ready mix concrete will take to cure. You also might want to cover concrete while it is curing to minimize the chances that cracks and other flaws develop.

Neglecting to put down rebar or wire mesh

Concrete strength is essential for keeping your construction adequately supported. Concrete usually needs to be reinforced so that it can attain an adequate level of strength. That's why you shouldn't forget to include the placement of steel rebar or wire mesh within your concrete to optimize strength. 

Procrastinating cleanup tasks

Cleaning up the worksite immediately after ready mix concrete is prepared and poured is essential. Concrete will be much more difficult to clean up if it is given a chance to dry before cleanup begins.

Make sure that your workers don't waste any time before they begin cleaning up after concrete work.