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How Homeowners Should Deal With Clogged Gutters

If you have gutters around your home's roof, clogs can sometimes occur. It may happen because of nearby leaves or gunk that develop during storms. Whatever the case, you'll want to deal with this gutter problem in the following ways.

Use a Leaf Blower

You don't have to use a bunch of expensive tools when removing clogs in your gutters. All you really need is a leaf blower because this machine creates pressurized air, which you can send on through the gutters to alleviate things that have built up.

You just need to make sure you can access the gutter system in a safe manner and then move this leaf blower along all of the sides. Keep on going until you can visibly see the gutters are completely clear. Then you shouldn't have to worry about gutter clogs for a while.

Alleviate the More Difficult Clogs with a Garden Scoop

If there are still things left in your gutters after using a leaf blower, then you may need to use a garden scoop and manually remove this debris or substance. This direct approach should do the trick.

You can target specific areas that were left over after the leaf blower was used. Just make sure you don't use too much force scraping because you don't want to potentially dent or puncture through the gutter. Use refined movements with this scoop the entire time. 

Trim Back Nearby Trees to Prevent Future Clogs

One of the main culprits of gutters clogging is leaves that fall into these structures. You might want to stop this from happening after you take care of the initial clog because then, this issue will no longer be chronic.

Just be sure you're trimming the right trees that are the cause of your gutters clogging. They will probably be near the edge of your roof. If you don't feel secure completing this tree-trimming step, hire a tree care company. That might be better anyway to ensure the health of your tree isn't harmed. Then you can perform tree trimming consistently to combat gutter clogging around your property.

A natural problem you may experience with gutters around your property is clogging. It's important to treat quickly before water damage has the chance to occur. As long as you use the right tools and take preventative actions for the future, gutter clogs won't be something that keeps you up at night. 

For more information on gutters, contact a company near you.