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How To Go About Choosing A Tower Crane For Renting

Do you have a project underway that involves constructing a structure as tall as a skyscraper? You will need a tower crane to accomplish that. You can use the crane to lift heavy building materials, such as acetylene torches during construction. You can either choose to buy or rent a tower crane; however, renting is probably the most ideal option. If you are new to the construction industry, you might be wondering how to rent the right tower crane for your project. Below are a few tips you can use.

Consider the Project Requirements

While many other important factors determine the tower crane to rent, it mostly boils down to the job requirements. That is, how much weight do you need to be lifted? Each tower crane has a load limit, so you do not want one that is too small or too big for the job. 

If the tower crane is too small for the job, you might damage it. The rental company will have no choice but to charge you for the breakage. When unsure of the project capacity, seek advice from the tower crane rental company.

Still, it is equally important that you think of the maximum height that the crane can reach. That is because tower cranes also differ in terms of the height they can reach. Lastly, you have the vehicle's weight. If you want to minimize ground impression, then you may need to consider a lighter crane vehicle.

Hire an Experienced Rigger

Riggers are the ones who set up the cranes to the required standards. Therefore, you need to find one to ensure that the cables, straps, and chains are well-fastened. Hiring one in advance has some advantages. For instance, they will help determine the number of staff needed for the construction project. Additionally, they can advise you on the right tower crane to rent.

Always Book in Advance

Last-minute rushes are the worst, especially when working on a tight deadline. When you fail to book your crane in advance, you might miss out on the one you wanted, and this will cause delays in the project. Tower cranes are rarely available on short notice because of the high demand. Therefore, you need to make your way to the tower crane rental company a week to a month in advance to find the crane you need.

Prepare the Working Site

Before the tower crane is brought to you, you should ensure that there is enough space for the delivery truck. It would help if you also had a specified area for the crane to be offloaded. Additionally, ensure you have every other tool you will be using with the crane on standby.

Hopefully, this article has enlightened you about how to go about getting a tower crane rental. Contact your local construction company, such as Precision Crane Professionals, if you need one for your next construction.