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Is Your Garage Door in Need of Repairs?

Figuring out when it's time to have a garage door services contractor pay you a visit isn't always easy. Many garage door repair issues don't jump out immediately. Instead, they often build up over time. Use this list of four possible signs of trouble to decide if you should call a garage door company.

Opening or Closing Speed Issues

This problem applies to the opening and closing processes, and it also applies regardless of whether the process is moving slowly or quickly. A garage door in good operating condition should move at a judicious but reasonable clip. If it is struggling to open or falling down too quickly when you close, it may not be safe to operate.

There could be problems with the opener's motor, belts, chains, or rails. Notably, some of these components operate under tension. Even if you're fairly confident in your DIY skills, it's probably best to let a contractor handle these repairs.

Sticking or Freezing

A garage door may also struggle to get past a point or even outright freeze there. This can happen if a rail or wheel is damaged. Even a small dent can cause problems. Similarly, the chain or belt that operates the garage door could have issues. In a few cases, the motor could have gear problems.

Sometimes the door overcomes these issues after a few seconds. Just because the system continues to operate doesn't mean this is good. If the door isn't functioning smoothly, have a garage door services technician check it out.

In some cases, the door may be entirely non-responsive. If the garage door opener fails to work, you should try to open the door manually. Call a contractor if that doesn't work.


With a few exceptions at the high end of the market, garage doors aren't known for being especially quiet. However, the door shouldn't become much noisier over time. It can become noisy if the motor is struggling. Likewise, problems with the rails or wheels can produce noises.

Notably, smooth operation in these cases doesn't mean you can ignore the issue. The noise may be a symptom of a bigger problem waiting to happen.


This one is bad, and you should stop the operation of the door immediately. If necessary, pull the door down by hand so you can secure the garage. A garage door system should never smoke. Even if it is a seemingly minor problem, such as a damaged roller wheel, continuing to use the system in this condition can make it worse. Have a garage door company send a technician.

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