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Misconceptions About Taking Scrap Wire To A Metal Recycling Center

Whether you are in the middle of demolishing a structure or simply have a few electrical wires and cords you don't need, taking these scrap wire pieces to a metal recycling center is a good choice. The metal inside the wiring that is used to carry electrical current is easily recyclable, and it is a highly valuable resource. Metal recycling centers will actually pay you cash for scrap wiring that you bring in according to its weight. Therefore, recycling scrap wiring is actually a good way to put some extra money in your pocket. Before rounding up the scrap electrical wiring and cords that you have around your property, be sure to take a look at these common misconceptions first.

Misconception: The wire has to be stripped before it can be taken to the recycling center.

You don't have to go through the trouble of stripping the plastic encasement off of the wiring before taking it to the metal recycling center. Most recycling centers accept what they refer to as "dirty" wire, which is simply electrical wiring that has not yet been stripped. If you do choose to go through the process of stripping the wire first, keep in mind, some recycling centers will pay you more for this scrap metal.

Misconception: You can only take copper wire to the recycling center.

Copper is the most common type of metal found inside electrical wiring. And, it is usually the most valuable. However, there are other types of metals that may be found inside certain cords. For example, some electrical cords contain aluminum alloys. In any case, the metal recycling center will take any type of wiring that contains metal components.

Misconception: It's not worth the time to take electrical wire to the recycling center.

It is very well worth it to take scrap electrical wiring to a recycling center. Not only can you possibly make a bit of extra money, but you are also making sure valuable metal resources are not going into the landfill. 

Misconception: There are limits on how much wiring you can take to a metal recycling center.

It is rare for a recycling center to have limits on how much wiring they can accept. Most places are more than happy to accept as much wiring as you can supply. Copper and other metals found in wiring are always in high demand by manufacturers who use the metals for producing new products. 

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