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Automatic Door Issues And Repairs

Technological issues and dirt buildup can affect the performance of automatic doors. Automatic door models should be inspected at the onset of a mechanical issue. Use the pointers below to remedy an issue that your company's doors have been exhibiting.

The Technology

Automatic doors come equipped with sensors. Sensors are designed to detect motion, pressure, light, or sound. The sensors need to be able to communicate with the control panel that is responsible for opening a set of door panels. All of the attachment pieces that are connected to sensors, plus the sensors themselves, should be kept clean and dry.

The control panel should be directly in the path of the material that contains the sensors. For instance, an automatic door system that detects pressure will contain sensors that are located within the floor mat or rubber covering the patrons walk upon when they exit or enter your store.

The floor coverings should be inspected, cleaned, and realigned as needed.

A Professional Assessment And Repair Steps

If the sensor technology within an automatic door system fails to operate, a professional contractor should be hired to inspect the sensors and control panel. During a service appointment, a contractor will ensure that all of the electrical materials that comprise an automatic door system are operating as needed. They will also clean sensor parts and control panel parts that have dirty residue stuck on them. 

The Framework

A standard set of automatic doors contain a framework that surrounds each panel. The framework pieces support the glass panels and ensure that they open and close seamlessly. Occasionally, dust and loose dirt particles can become embedded within the framework. If this occurs, the glass panels may fail to open and close or may open and close slowly.

A vacuum attachment can be used to clean the track that is located along the bottom of each glass panel.

A Formal Inspection And Repair Process

If a glass panel becomes misaligned due to the improper upkeep of the frame, a contractor will need to be hired to reinstall the glass. A contractor will need to assess the manner in which the automatic doors operate.

Then, they will turn off the power to the doors. Tools will be used to remove each glass panel that isn't secured properly. A contractor will clean the framework and the edges of the glass. The glass will be reattached to the framework. A secondary inspection that the contractor performs will determine if the automatic doors are operating properly.

Contact a local automatic door service to learn more.