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ABC: Always Be Constructing Every blog needs a topic to serve as the over-arching connection between the posts. For this blog, we chose the topic of construction and contractors. We have a few reasons for that choice. For one, we wanted a topic that would appeal to a lot of people. Most people have hired a contractor or will hire one at some point, so that means the topic applies to a large audience. Our other goal was to choose a topic that we could write a lot about. That certainly applies to the field of contracting. After all, everyone from painters to road workers belongs to this industry. Without further ado, welcome to our blog. Enjoy what you read!

Posted on: 10 January 2022
One of the most important features of your new home is the roof. Without it, your home would be open to the elements. Your roof keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable in all seasons. The average person, however, knows very little about how their roof is assemble

Posted on: 21 December 2021
Bathrooms are among the most heavily used rooms in any home. Unfortunately, poor design and d├ęcor in a bathroom can detract from the value of your home. Investing money in a bathroom remodel can help you take advantage of new technology, increase your property